Capital Raising

We select and represent in exclusivity a reduced number of specialist managers who have consistently generated long-term alpha to their investors.

Selection process

The selection of managers is a key component of our business model. We want to see ourselves reflected in the manager we represent following a thorough due diligence process.


We seek independent boutiques founded by managers with talent and proven experience.
We focus on managers who specialise in one asset class or a specific investment strategy.
Aligning interests is key and all our managers invest a significant part of their assets in the funds managed.


We seek transparent, repeatable and disciplined investment processes.
Managers must have proven to be faithful to their investment process, even when the market does not favour their investment styles.


We focus on managers who have been able to generate alpha consistently throughout the cycle. We are aware that no manager is capable of beating all scenarios but only those faithful to their process can stand out in the long term.

Our contribution

Independent Product Specialists

We have in-depth knowledge of the investment strategies we represent. This enables our managers to focus their resources on management, entrusting business development in our markets to AMCHOR. For this reason, we strive to be a high-quality representative with institutional investors, contributing value with a detailed, professional and ongoing explanation of each strategy.

We design the commercial strategy for our managers

Including activities such as identifying potential long-term clients for each strategy and the best distribution channels. We adapt our marketing pitch to the local market, defining responsibilities for the manager and AMCHOR in the commercial strategy. We also set up ongoing sales monitoring.

We forge long-term relationships

With a lasting bond with both our managers and our investors based on mutual trust. This bond is strengthened over time and in different environments, and we step up our proximity to them when the market is at its most difficult. We believe that the foundations of this relationship must be based on mutual assistance, open communication and aligning interests as well as trust and respect.

We have built up an extensive network of institutional clients

with access to the main managers of

Pension Funds

Insurance Companies

Fund Platforms

Funds of Funds

Private Banks and Family Offices


“Many believe that talent is the result of luck; few understand that luck is usually the result of having talent” JACINTO BENAVENTE