MCH IS holds its first Annual Shareholders Meeting with AlpInvest.

On Tuesday the 26th November 2019, MCH Investment Strategies celebrated their first annual participation meeting for the funds of MCH Global Buyout Strategies FCR, MCH Global Buyout Assets SCR and MCH Global Buyout Assets SCR II.


The agenda included a review of the evolution and activity of the investment program, as well as general macroeconomics and of the sector. Furthermore, we were joined by several members of the Alpinvest Investment Team.

MCH Investment Strategies, SGIIC, S.A. currently manages 4 different investment vehicles. Three of them are unliquidated (Venture Capital Entities) while the fourth is an Alternative Investment Fund (Free Investment Fund).

The firm works with external assessors, who are top-notch specialists in classing assets and specific investment strategy . The three ECR´s form a part of the same investment program of Alpinvest Partners, a world-leading company of Venture Capital specialized in the funds of funds in Private Equity, which invest in primary, secondary and co-investment funds.

In 2017, MCH Investment Strategies started their illiquid strategies and together with Alpinvest Partners and MCH Private Equity, launched their first Private Equity Fund Program, focused on the selection of the best international investors. This Program included a FCR (Private Equity Fund) and two SCR (Venture Capital Firms) which add to the commitments of nearly 225 million Euros, Alpinvest partners act as one exclusive assessor in the analysis and selection of the underlying managers.