“The market may have lowered its expectations, especially in the civic sectors” – Eric Bendahan, CEO of Eleva Capital

MCH Investment Strategies, is an agency which specialises in the selection and representation international managers, is responsible for representing Eleva Capital in the Spanish and Portuguese Markets.

Eleva Capital is a boutique created by Eric Bendahan, CEO and founded the company in 2014 and is responsible for three funds: Eleva European Selection, Eleva Absolute Return Equity and Eleva Euroland Selection. Who have recently added Eleva Leaders Small & Mid cap, managed by the team from the French management company, Mandarin.

Eric Benhadan has two decades worth of experience in the management of variable income, under a model and philosophy of his own that has already been applied in Oyster AM and AXA IM, and have earned him continued recognition for his results.